Natural Balance Dog Food Recall: Should You Fear About It?

For most pet owners, having a pet food recall is a warning sign that something wrong is going on. Usually done either by the company’s producer or a screening committee such as the FDA, it’s done usually because of either substandard production or contamination with a harmful ingredient. Even the best companies do experience recalls. One such company is Natural Balance. Is the Natural Balance dog food recall a sign of bad things to come, or is it discounted due to a simple mistake? Read the article completely-

If you’ve been around dog foods for a while, it might surprise you to see Natural Balance products being recalled for any reason. And even though it has happened a couple of times (more on that later), they have collected such a solid track record that the general public seems to not mind it all that much. Widely reviewed as one of the best dog foods in the world, it’s highly recommended by both pet lovers and doctors.

Natural Balance dog food recall

But as one wise man said, even the best of them fall down sometimes. Natural Balance has had its fair share of recalls. But arguably the biggest Natural Balance dog food recall in history happened on April 2007. 2 particular products, Venison & Brown Rice dry dog food and Venison & Green Pea dry cat food, have been recalled by the FDA.

The recall was done due to complaints that pets experienced vomiting due to consumption of these foods. Some even had advanced health problems such as kidney failure. The recall was ordered because these products were tested to have melamine.

The latest recall they had occurred in May 2012. A voluntary one, this was mainly done because Natural Balance found its products to be potentially contaminated with Salmonella. Among the products recalled include the likes of Sweet Potato & Venison and Lamb Meal & Brown Rice dog food variants. No illnesses due to the product were reported, and according to Natural Balance, the recall was mainly done for precautionary purposes only.

For this situation, it can be argued that Natural Balance should be given the benefit of the doubt. After all, with each Natural Balance dog food recall, it can be argued that they even became a better company. Among the products of these recalls include the Buy with Confidence program, a stringent testing system ensuring no banned or toxic substance should make its way to your pet’s diet.


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